Parker Point CD4P Train Positioner Support Rail Replacement

Dampier Parker Point Port Operation Site

This project is the replacement of Car Dumper 4P train positioner support rails at the Parker Point Load out facility including replacement of 16 rail support plates and associated grouting. Diverse Group Australia will work alongside G&S Engineering Services in completing the… Read More»

FMG RBS Battery Replacement

FMG Radio Broadcast Mainline Sites

Supply, install and commission new Absolyte 100G13 and 100G19 batteries at thirteen Radio Broadcast Sites on FMG’s rail network between Port & Mine.

286.3km Gun Club Level Crossing Fibre Design – Tom Price

286.3km Gun Club Tom Price

The fibre route follows along the eastern side of the Paraburdoo rail line from the Wombat Junction Signalling at 283.7Km to the 286.3Km Gun Club Level Crossing. The route from Wombat Junction follows a ring lock fence line on an offset of… Read More»

Tom Price LIA HDD

Tom Price LIA

Horizontal Directional Drilling – Installation of 200mm electrical conduits under Mine road and installation of 200mm electrical conduits to various electrical pits in Tom Price LIA.

FMG Mulching Powerline Corridor

Solomon Mine

Clearing and removing vegetation along Overhead Powerline Corridor on the FMG Network.

Cape Lambert Light Project Phase 1

Cape Lambert Yard

The supply, installation and commissioning of sixteen of 18m high, break back type lighting poles, each fitted with 4 x 424w Dialite Twin “Vigilant” Nema 6 LED fittings, associated structural footings, trenching adjacent or beneath road or railways, cabling, distribution boards and… Read More»

Tom Price Gun Club 286.3km Level Crossing

Tom Price Gun Club

This project involves the upgrading the existing 286.3km passive level crossing (stop signs andlocked gates) to an active level crossing with grade crossing predictor, boom gates, flashing lights, obstruction detection system, floodlights and CCTV.

RCR – FMG Cloudbreak Drilling, Trenching & Earthing

FMG Cloudbreak

Drilling, Trenching & Earthworks

WiMAX & RBS Infill Site Installation

Cape Lambert, 8 Mile, West Angelas & Tom Price

WiMAX: 15 meter break back Mast installation including foundation works – 8 Mile & Cape Lambert RBS infill : Construction of infill RBS sites including 25 Meter mono pole mast foundation works – West Angela’s, Tom Price

RTIO Dampier Signalling – HDD, Earth Drilling & Commissioning of Signals

7 Mile - Karratha

– Dampier Signalling – Directional Drilling DA592 – Earth Drilling DA412 and DA579 – DA211 and DA204 – Commissioning

Dampier Highway – Karratha

Dampier Highway – Karratha

Drill 50m – DN 250mm Steel Sleeve

Marandoo HDD


Drill 50m – 250mm Steel Sleeve

FMG On Board Maintenance

Port Hedland (FMG Rail Network)

On Board Maintenance

Stadium Rail Project – Vic Park & Claisebrook Signalling Racks

New Perth Stadium SIte

Supply, install and test signalling racks on SRP.

RTIO – Mainline 48V Hybrid Power Conversion

Cherratta RBS, Chichester RBS, Kanjenjie RBS, Ti Tree RBS, Mt Lois RBS, Mt Barnett RBS, Mt Doballs RBS

Supply and installation of power equipment to enhance the Rail system RBS Solar Hybrid Power Systems at 7 x Radio Base Stations between Dampier & Paraburdoo.

RTIO – Hybrid Power Conversion

Western Creek

Supply of Eaton & Tristar Components

Rio Tinto Battery Replacement Program

Rio Tinto Rail Network

Battery Replacement of 73 sites across Rio Tinto Rail network

Ansaldo STS – RTIO Auto Haul Onboard Project


Fit out & Commissioning of all equipment on RTIO locomotive fleet required for autonomous train operation.

Tom Price – Electrical Infrastructure Replacement Project (EIR)

Tom Price

Electrical Infrastructure Replacement in Tom Price for Rio Tinto.

Hope Downs 1 – Dewatering Project

Hope Downs 1

Horizontal Directional Drilling at Hope Downs

9.4 km LX Protecting Signals Installation & Testing


The supply, installation and commissioning of signalling equipment and cable route at 9.4km Dampier LX.


Whitfords & Joondalup Rail Line

The supply, installation & commissioning of signalling equipment at Whitfords and Joondalup

BHP Tug Boat & Infrastructure Project EPC Contract

BHP Tug Boat

Proving MV termination & testing, horizontal & earth rod drilling and cable hauling

AHOB Transition – Cape Lambert

Cape Lambert (Rio Tinto)

Rio Tinto has a requirement for Labour Hire at the Cape Lambert location.

Transponder Installation (Rio Tinto Rail Line)

Rio Tinto (Rail Network)

Installation of 131 transponders across the Rio Tinto Rail Network

Roy Hill Enhanced Rolling Stock Installation

Roy Hill

Installation of enhanced rolling stock condition monitoring with associated Civil Construction.

Ansaldo – Roy Hill Mark Post Installation

Roy Hill

Hi-rail and standard installation of 414 signs adjacent to rail

Cape Lambert Dust Suppression

Cape Lambert

Trench excavation & tie in to existing dust suppression water cannons.

Roy Hill RBS Installation

Port Hedland

Installation of RBS Pads & Access roads, Grading, CER / OCC Buildings, Earthing, Pit & Pipe Installation, Solar Array & Shelter foundations, Solar arrays & Shelters, Battery cabinets and racks termination, Electrical Installation, Battery Loc Foundations, 20m – 40m Mast Erection, WIMAX… Read More»

UGL – West Angelas Power Station Project (WAPS)

West Angelas

Installation of Power station Roads, Rehabilitation of Borrow Pits, Bulk Earthworks and associated Civil Construction.

RCR – Cape Lambert Track Lighting & Permanent Power Installation Works

Cape Lambert

Installation of Track light poles including Civil Construction.

146kp Radio Only SIte / 144kp Level Xing Installation


Civil Construction, Installation of RO Mast, Earthing, Concrete Slabs, Electrical Installation, Location Case, Test and Commissioning.

GE Transport – FMG T155 Mainline Rail Duplication

Port Hedland to Christmas Creek

Upgrade & Installation of track-side asset protection and removal of existing location sites along 152km of FMG Mainline.

FMG Rail Camp 145 Removal


Removal of FMG Camp 145 Camp Ausco, APC & Fleetwood Units

BHP Nelson Point Fuel Upgrade

BHP Nelson Point

SDR was the main contractor for the construction of the two, 17.5 megalitre diesel fuel storage tanks plus the installation of five kilometres of large-diameter fuel and potable water pipelines, pumping stations, road and rail load-outs, and all civil, firefighting and electrical… Read More»


Yandi Mine Site

Thiess were awarded a construction package at the Yandi Mine site. RGP5 is part of BHP Billiton’s phased expansion to increase capacity to 205 million tonnes per annum.

BHP RGP5 Rail Duplication

Southern Section of BHP's rail network

United Group Limited were awarded the Southern Package of the RGP5 Rail Duplication. RGP5 is part of BHP Billiton’s phased expansion to increase capacity to 205 million tonnes per annum.

Rio Tinto – Rail Capacity Enhancement (RCE)

Gull, Galah, Emu, Ibis and Koala

RCE – Sites: Gull, Galah, Emu, Ibis and Koala

Rio Tinto Rail Capacity Enhancement 8 Mile

8 Mile Rail Yard, located between Karratha and Dampier

Operating under the RAFA Agreement, Rio Tinto engaged Ansaldo STS to design and construct the signalling system for the upgrade of their existing rail network at the 8 Mile Yard. The work comprised the construction of numerous signalling sites.

Rio Tinto – HD4

Lang Hancock Rail Extension, Mainline and Junction

HD4 – Sites: Lang Hancock Rail Extension, Mainline and Junction