Project Title: BHP RGP5 Rail Duplication

Southern Section of BHP's rail network

United Group Limited were awarded the Southern Package of the RGP5 Rail Duplication. RGP5 is part of BHP Billiton’s phased expansion to increase capacity to 205 million tonnes per annum.


United Group Limited

January 2010 to February 2011
Project Value:

$2.5 million

  • Construction of trenching, pit and pipe, in accordance with AFC Design.
  • Installation of underbores
  • Installation of concrete pads and culverts
  • Installation of earthing including earth grid and equipment
  • Installation of all required signage
  • Installation of all supplied location cases
  • Installation of equipment bases and foundations
  • Assistance during the commissioning
  • Removal of all redundant equipment after commissioning
Technical Highlights:

  • Working in remote areas.
  • Managing safe working practices around live rail.