Project Title: Rio Tinto – Rail Capacity Enhancement (RCE)

Gull, Galah, Emu, Ibis and Koala

RCE – Sites: Gull, Galah, Emu, Ibis and Koala


Ansaldo STS

Project Value:

$3.5 million

  • Correlation of existing infrastructure
  • Earth resistivity testing
  • Cable termination for all equipment
  • Point-to-point testing
  • Cable hauling
  • Installation of Dragging Equipment Detectors (DED)
  • Install/Testing of Stream Flow Detectors (SFD)
  • Construction of trenching, pit and pipe
  • Installation of underbores
  • Installation of concrete pads and culverts
  • Installation of earth including earth grid and equipment
  • Installation of all required signage
  • Installation¬†of location cases
  • Installation of equipment bases and foundations
  • Install track circuit bonding
  • Assistance during the commissioning
Technical Highlights: