Introduction Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

Diverse Group Australia has been actively participating in workshops on Aboriginal Cultural Awareness. The Introduction to Aboriginal Awareness training covers history, government policies (past and present) that affect some Aboriginal people and communities with the Indigenous Employment and Training division at TR7 Pty Ltd.

DGA understands the importance of respect for Aboriginal people and communities, heritage protection & management of Aboriginal heritage sites. It is this underlying basis that we are committed to providing knowledge, training and support to all our employees. We are fortunate to be working in the Pilbara region and wish to do all that we can to foster good working relationships in the community.

The day session emphasises the importance of individuals coming together to learn and share a common history, whilst promoting knowledge, understanding and experiences of Aboriginal people. This in turn gives a better understanding of the culture, Aboriginal peoples way of life and how we can communicate and work more effectively together. Barbara McGillivray (National Manager of TR7) delivers an interesting and informative mix of history, cultural obligations & responsibilities, languages & personal experiences with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and seek answers on a variety of topics. Barbara is kind, gracious and humble and her passion and motivation for creating cultural awareness and understanding is admirable.

We have learnt so much more about the challenges faced past and present for Aboriginal people, that, with this insight, we able to better meet their needs and expectations as well as providing additional support if needed.


Bree Kalinski

Mobilisations and Training