DGA Professionalism and innovation in Newman


The BHP / SCEE / DGA 66Kv Line Diversion Project at Mt Whaleback Mine Newman was completed this March. The project consisted of the diversion of 66Kv and 11Kv high voltage power lines under the creek bed within the mine. The project consisted of two HDD crossings 190 meters in length and cutting a 450mm diameter hole for the installation of carrier ducts for the high voltage cable. The civil construction component included cable installation and re-establishment of the site. Though there where many challenges DGA Site Management delivered on our professionalism and innovation to make the work seem routine.

One key to the successful HDD crossing was the ability to recycle water used on the project by recycling drilling fluids through a reclaimer system. With the ability to drill under any area without damaging either the fragile eco structure or interrupt main access roads whilst maintaining low impact on water and fossil fuel usage shows our commitment to sustainable construction and providing the client with a quality project and product.

The two HDD drill shots consisted of drilling under the waterway and up a 30 meter hill of reclaimed land. The two drill shots where 2.5 meters apart and rock formations were encountered. Using specialised equipment and expertise the HDD drill shots were completed on time with zero interruption to mining activities.

The civil component consisted of installation to specification of the 66Kv and the 11Kv in designated trenches with separation. Upon installation of the cable the area was compacted and re-instated as if no construction activities had taken place.

“The site crew for Diverse Group Australia is a professional and organised team. Each employee completed their tasks safely and efficiently. Nothing on the worksite was out of place and the delivery of each item required for the project was effortless. I am looking forward to working with Norman and the team in the future”

SCEE Site Manager – Mark Dearnley.

Diverse Group Australia’s commitment to health and safety of our employees and to preserving the local environment we work in shows on a daily basis why we are called upon time and time again.

Using accredited systems and a systematic approach to construction delivers a superior product every time. The support from Senior Management develops our team which can be measured through rigorous inspections and audits.

“The training and development of our employees is why we make it look effortless. Countless hours have been spent training so that each person is part of the team. Every project has their difficulties but what makes a great job are the people and how you work together.”

DGA HSE Advisor – Richard Lipar.

Special thanks to the employees who delivered the project safely and on time.

HDD Team Leader Norman Greenwood HSE Advisor Richard Lipar
Civil Team Leader Steven Owen Mud Operator Trainee Andrew Davies
HDD Operator Martin Tait Plant Operator Tyrone Hicks
HDD Tracker Matthias Smalley Civil Team Michael Viti
Mud Operator Michael Feltis Civil Team Joel Kensitt