Diverse Group Australia’s expertise in Trenchless Technologies, specialising in the technically challenging Horizontal Direction Drilling method, allows for piping and cabling to be installed where typical trenching methods are not an option.

The DGA team is experienced in using this specialist technology to install under roads and railways, in heritage and environmentally-sensitive areas, and within bodies of water and contaminated ground.

We specialise in the HDD installation of products including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Water lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Gas lines
  • Oil lines
  • Waste water lines
  • Power cables
  • Drainage

DGA maintains a modern fleet of cutting-edge equipment. Our priority is to minimise plant downtime and maintain a high level of productivity, to assist our clients in efficiently and safely managing on-site work. This includes a range of specialised drilling machinery, which allows our team to drill all types of ground, including rock.

We pride ourselves on the small footprint of our drilling rigs, which enable our team to work in congested locations with ease, and to install products with minimal site disruption. In addition, all DGA plant and equipment is fully mine-site compliant and is regularly serviced to ensure maximum reliability and availability.

Our priority is on delivering precisely what our clients require, and to facilitate this we maintain fully-stocked yards or reserve equipment in Port Hedland and Wickham.

DGA’s fleet of horizontal drilling machinery include:

  • A Vermeer D100x120 drill rig, which can horizontally drill up to 800m and install products up to 1100mm in diameter.
  • A D36x50DR Series 2 drill rig, which features a dual-rod drill stem and dual-threaded makeup to allow our team to drill hard rock while leave a minimal footprint in congested areas.

As part of DGA’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and fostering environmentally sustainable practices across our organisation, we utilise two mud recycling systems to reuse water and mud by-products from the drilling process.

Our mud recycling equipment, including the Meerkat, which recycles up to 1,800L per minute, and the Samba, which recycles up to 490L per minute, use a two-stage separation process which combines hydro-cyclones mounted over a shale to operate as a single unit.